Diamonds Set Higher than the Sky

Introducing an elevated, diamond jewelry collection that can be layered and stylized to create your own personalized look. Unique settings and designs with a modern influence give SkySet Jewelry the illusion of diamonds dancing on air.

The Sky is the Limit - Reach for the Stars

Up until now, love and beauty have been earthbound, held into place by prongs. But as people, relationships and jewelry evolve, these concepts have all become more “free.” The SkySet Collection perfectly represents that next evolution. With the most diamond visibility to date, the Sky Setting makes any stone appear as if it’s floating in the sky, above your skin. This illusion is amplified by openings on both the sides and bottom of the setting, with no metal covering the diamond’s face.

This incredible presentation also allows more light to flow through the diamond, creating brilliant sparkle, like a shooting star... but, that expression of beauty doesn’t just stop at the skin. We believe that what you wear becomes a window to your soul. And there’s no better way for your inner beauty to shine bright, than with the unrestricted beauty of SkySet Jewelry.

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